Hoont Cobra Animal Repeller | Outdoor Solar-Powered Motion-Activated Water Blaster with Powerful Jet Spray for Yard, Lawn & Garden | Scare Away Deer,

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Say goodbye to unwanted visitors! Tired of pesky woodland creatures doing damage to your property? The Cobra Animal Repeller by Hoont delivers dependable 24/7 surveillance, putting a stop to lawn, garden and flowerbed intruders! Defending your vulnerable areas from deer, rabbits, raccoons, rodents, birds, foxes, squirrels, bears, chipmunks, opossums, stray cats and dogs, and other common pests is finally made safe and simple. Engineered for fast, foolproof pest control, the unit hooks into any standard quick-fit hose connection. When animals come within range, the solar-powered sensor sets the cobra-jet sprayer in motion, scaring them away with an annoying squirt of water! Save a fortune on the typical traps, and skip the dangerous pesticides. #HoontThemDown day and night-add an Animal Repeller to your cart today!

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