Black + Decker Electric Fly Swatter- Fly Zapper- Tennis Bug Zapper Racket- Battery Powered Zapper- Electric Mosquito Swatter- Handheld Indoor & Outdoo

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Tired of flies infiltrating your space and terrorizing your family? Swing into action with the Electric Fly Swatter from Black + Decker. Designed like a tennis racket, the device puts pest control in the palm of your hand as you swat away intrusive mosquitoes, gnats, flies, stink bugs, wasps, moths and more. Keeping your home clean, comfortable and sanitary is finally made safe and simple. The device?s powerful electric grid kills insects upon contact, zapping them into oblivion without messy traps or harmful chemicals. Engineered for fast, convenient fly catching, the unit runs on two standard AA batteries and requires just the press of a button for foolproof operation. Use it indoors, outside, on the dock, at the grill, while camping-anywhere bugs have you bothered. Despite its deadly force, the low-output mesh is perfectly safe around humans and pets (it?s also super fun to use!). So start practicing your swing and add an Electric Fly Swatter to your cart today!

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