BLACK + DECKER Fly & Bug Glue Trap Wall-Mounted UV Light for Indoor Pest Control No Zap Sconce Lures & Kills Mosquitoes, Gnats & Fruit Flies Via Non T

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No bug AND no chemicals. That’s a win-win. Skip the ruthless zappers, nasty strips, and noxious chemical sprays. Take down biting bugs the humane way with our decorative Insect Glue Trap. Safe, clean, and family-friendly, this high-efficiency killer helps control your indoor pest population with a powerful combination of florescent UV light and sticky attractant. Pesky bugs can’t help but come inside, sticking instantly to a removable nontoxic glue board. Instead of a heartless zap—it’s a 24-hour adhesive hotel! Replace when full for years of reliable insect elimination. Ultra-Bright UV Light The glowing blacklight acts as a potent magnet for mosquitoes, gnats, moths, flying ants, and other creepy-crawly invaders. Safe Sticky Board A tacky cardboard strip captures bugs upon contact, destroying them kindly and softly without the startling buzz of a zapper. Elegant Design The lamp installs beautifully against a wall or along kitchen tile. It looks just like a sconce—so bugs (and visitors) are none the wiser! Heavy-Duty Design Constructed of high-quality parts, the trap promises reliable, long-lasting performance for home, office, or business. Non-Toxic Lure No need for stinky propane or noxious attractants. Our specially formulated adhesive is 100% free of chemicals and odors. No-Stress Maintenance Remove glue board after a month or once full, wipe down the sconce, and you’re done. Replacement pads sold separately. Traps The light quickly attracts phototactic bugs, drawing them inside where they meet their doom Perfect for: kitchens, dining rooms, enclosed patios, covered porches Repels To lure insects away from your main eating or entertaining space, place the trap further away Perfect for: restaurants, cafeterias, stores, office buildings Illuminates Chic and stylish, the trap also serves as a practical decorative light source in any indoor space Perfect for: bathroom, cabin, mantle, under cabinetry

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