Hoont Advanced Motion Activated Solar Powered Ultrasonic with Flashing Strobe O, Green

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Hoot powerful solar battery powered Ultrasonic outdoor animal & pest sound generators repelled - motion activated get rid of all animal intruders - blasts all animal intruders out of your property by emitting powerful Ultrasonic sounds & flashing LED lights. Eliminate roaming pest animal problems with this aggressive Ultrasonic & flashing light animal repelled. Features three (3) Ultrasonic frequency settings, plus an optional on/off LED flashing light. Get rid of deer, birds (pigeons, woodpeckers, seagulls, etc. ), cats, dogs, bears, squirrels, rabbits, skunks, bats, rats, Foxes, raccoons, mice & much more. How it works - the hoot animal repelled blasts a range of powerful Ultrasonic sounds & flashing LED strobe lights to scare away a wide variety of pests. Equipped with an infrared motion sensor, The pest repelled is activated as soon as a pest animal is detected. Solar powered & easy to install - simply take it out of the box, stick it into the ground with the included metal stake, & select your desired settings (Features 3 Ultrasonic frequency settings, an optional on/off LED light, & 7 Sensitivity settings). no wiring & no batteries to replace or recharge; features a solar panel on top of the device that harnesses the sun?s energy & recharges the batteries (3 AA rechargeable batteries included). / can also be recharged via USB (a USB charging cable is included). humane & - no messy chemicals or pesticides, no traps, no dead animals. The hoot solar powered Ultrasonic animal repelled gets rid of all animals through Emitting a mixture of ultrasonic sounds & powerful flashing LED strobe lights, frightening the intruding animals & pests to leave the area.

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