Gideon Rat Trap Electric Mouse & Rat Trap for Homes Indoor & Outdoor Use Pest Control Traps with Humane Shock Chamber & Rechargeable Battery, Squirrel

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Shockingly effective. Humanely designed. Have a soft spot for small creatures, but also a serious rodent problem? The Electric Rat Trap from Gideon helps you rid your home of pesky mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels, and other tiny pests while ensuring the fastest, cleanest, most humane kill possible. The extra- large chamber features a sensor-operated electronic shock system capable of exterminating trapped animals with a single high-voltage buzz-no blood, pain, or messy cleanup. Just power on the device, set some yummy bait inside, take a step back, and reclaim your space in no time. Add a Gideon Electric Rat Zapper to your cart today!

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