BLACK+DECKER Bug Zapper- Mosquito Repellent & Fly Traps for Indoors- Mosquito Zapper & Killer- Gnat Trap Bug Catcher for Insects Outdoor Half Acre Cov

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Banish bugs once and for all! Whether you?re dealing with biting backyard insects or perstent house flies, this electric Outdoor Bug Zapper from BLACK+DECKER provides fast, reliable pest control with maximum coverage up to ½ acre. The lantern?s long-lasting UV light emits a powerful glow-gentle to the eye, but tough on pesky bugs! Hang it up high, relax, and enjoy your semi-indoor or outdoor space while the machine works its zapping magic. Once the party is over, pull out the collection tray, empty into the garbage, and use the provided brush to restore the grid to a prtine clean. Designed for opmal safety and energy effency, our high-pored killer can also withstand rain, wind and most non-severe weather conditions. So, what are you waiting for-another bite? Take back the night, and add an Ouoor to your cart today!

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