Hoont Cobra Motion Activated Sprinkler for Garden and Yard- Motion Sensor Sprinkler to Deter Animals- Animal Repellent Outdoor

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The Hoont Cobra Water Jet Blaster is the ultimate Humane animal deterrent to drive away unwanted ?visitors? to your garden or property with a harmless jet of water. When movement is detected within a range of up to 30 feet, the jet of water is activated for 5 seconds. Animals are frightened by this jet of water and immediately leave the monitored area, and learn to avoid this area in the future. The clicking noise of the sprinkler distribution valve effectively startles the animals and helps to drive them away. For maximum effectiveness, the water sprinkler is only reactivated when movement is once again detected. Specifically designed to be an extremely effective deterrent while being highly efficient with very low water consumption. The Hoont Cobra Water Jet Blaster does not kill or harm the animals in any way; it just sprays them with an annoying squirt of water, thus forcing them to leave the area. With no messy traps, chemicals or pesticides; it?s absolutely safe for you, your kids and pets.Repels birds, dogs, cats, squirrels, skunks, deer, wild animals, and many others.Technical Specs Unit requires 2 AA NIMH batteries (included) Detection range: up to 30 ft. Detection angle: Approx. 120° Water spraying angle: 360° (adjustable) Monitored area: Approx. 650 sq. ft. Effective during day and night.Easy Setup Connect the hose, stick the included metal garden spike into the ground and adjust your water spray preference. The device is ready to defend your garden and property. Requires 2 AA NIMH Rechargeable batteries (included) Package includes: Motion detector Body Water sprayer Unit Hose connection Metal Ground Spike User manual 1-year manufacturer's warranty

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