BLACK+DECKER UV LED Light Bulb Electric Bug Zapper for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Helps protect Up to 500 Square Feet

Sale price$20.96 USD


Rid your home and yard of pesky flies, gnats, mosquitoes and other biting insects with this BLACK+DECKER Bug Zapper Bulb. The device's unique dual design allows you to use it as a pest catcher, regular LED light bulb (or both!), providing many hours of dependable relief. Like a lantern, the UV portion lures bugs towards its band of light, while the electric cage zaps and catches them upon contact. Unlike bulky traps that require hanging, this simple bulb screws into all your standard sockets. From kitchen to bathroom to barnyard and beyond, never worry about dangerous repellents endangering your pets or family. The bulb's discreet profile also blends with your home decor. So say goodbye to buzzing vermin cramping your style!

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