Kajava Mama Pour Over Coffee Dripper - Ceramic Slow Brewing Accessories for Home, Cafe, Restaurants - Easy Manual Brew Maker Gift - Strong Flavor Brewer - V01 Paper Cone Filters - Brown, 1 Cup

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Your Perfect Pour Over Morning Coffee This Extra Small Kajava Mama Ceramic Coffee Cone Dripper allows you to maintain complete control of your pour over brewing experience making your delicious cup of coffee an art form and a crafted statement piece. Each Kajava Ceramic Coffee Dripper is hand made and detailed from the purest ceramic so none are exactly alike. This time consuming process ensures that your Kajava Ceramic Coffee Dripper lasts the test of time. Raised Curved Grooves The raised curved grooves provide a consistent coffee drip throughout your coffee grounds maintaining a consistent brew every time. Drip Coffee Unique Angle The unique angle design deters channeling and allows for optimal flavor extraction and a steady consistent coffee drip.Highest Grade Ceramic The ceramic body absorbs heat evenly throughout ensuring a constant temperature and perfect brewing cycle while the handle remains cool.Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty Here at Kajava Mama we build products to last. Each one of our products is constructed with you in mind and goes through various phases of testing to ensure that it exceeds all of your expectations. With our Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty if at any point our product fails to meet your standards please contact us and we will make it right.Welcome to the Kajava Family. Happy Brewing!
  • Reduce Injury or Pain: The special design of this brace helps relieve pain & promote faster recover

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