Kajava Mama V01 Premium Paper Cone Filter - 100pc Set of Disposable Filters Designed for 1-2 Cup Small Pour Over Dripper - Made of Finest Wood Pulp - Perfect Drip, Full Flavor No Coffee-Ground Residue

Sale price$19.99 USD


Designed for a full-flavored, smooth brew, our white paper coffee filters are made of the finest wood pulp. Our clean, high-grade paper allows only the purest flavor elements to flow through, keeping bitter sediments, oils and coffee grounds our of your cup. Made for use with your small pour-over coffee dripper. Kajava filters are precision folded into a durable, cone shape for uniform extraction, leaving you with a perfect cup of coffee. Enjoy your coffee the Kajava Way - pure, simple and delicious.
  • Convenient to Set and Easy to Read LED Digital Temperature Control with On/Off Button is accurate t

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