Kicko Mini Flashlight Keychain 12-Pack Assorted Colors with Batteries | Green, Light Blue, Pink | Ideal for Kids, Party Favors, Goody Bags, Prizes | Pocket Size w/ Key Chain

Sale price$19.99 USD


Kicko ~ Blackout Solution These flashing lights feature 5 LED bulbs and come in 24 packs of different colors: black, red, blue, and sky blue! For bright indoor and outdoor activities, Kicko offers 2.5” pen lights and a metal chain to separately fasten vital keys - preventing tangling and loss. Kicko ~ Never Fumble in the dark Kicko’s Tiny Lamps have many functions including exigencies and signaling. They provide adequate white beams to help you search for stuff inside your drawer, wallet, and other places. They also promote safe walking in the night or along the hallway, by giving out a warning sign. Kicko ~ Light the Way Illuminate the darkness by simply whipping out your keys! These keychains come in the form of a mini 2.25” flashlight that turns on with a simple slide of a switch. Batteries come already included (not replaceable) to get the fun started right away.
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 KHz.Headphones fit type:Over-Ear | Built to last with a durable alumin

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