Kajava Mama V02 Premium Paper Cone Filter - Disposable Filters for 2-Cup Pour Over Dripper - Made of the Finest Wood Pulp - Perfect Drip, No Coffee-Gr

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CAN’T START THE DAY WITHOUT A CUP OF COFFEE? For most people, coffee is an essential part of life. Sipping a hot brew helps you transition from waking up to getting ready to seize the day. It is a conversation must-have with family and friends. It is a relaxing get-to-know beverage for two people after their first-ever date. Whatever coffee does for you, it is important to make the experience count. The V02 Premium Paper Cone Filter by Kajava Mama turns coffee grounds into a cup of rich, flavorful brew. DELICIOUS CUP OF BREW...EVERY TIME Our filter is more than just a means to make a fresh cup of coffee. It is designed to get the best flavor and aroma out of those roasted coffee beans while keeping residue and oil out. The quality of the paper we use lets the water through with utmost precision and consistency. All that you get is a cup of exceptional coffee that will jump-start your day in the best way possible! DESIGNED FOR MANUAL BREWING Coffeemakers are packed with features that aim to make brewing a lot easier and more convenient for coffee lovers. However, most people still prefer the manual method of a pour-over dripper. The cone-shape of this seamless paper filter is the perfect partner for manual brewing tools. It follows the shape of the dripper and the shape allows hot water to completely drown the ground beans for a more uniform extraction. USEFUL GIFT FOR COFFEE LOVERS Our wood pulp paper cone filters are folded and packed nicely in a beautifully designed box. It would be a great present for people who love their cup of joe manually brewed. Each pack contains 100 filters, all of which went through strict quality inspection to ensure that there are no rips and zero weak points. With the right water temperature, these filters are sure to stay firm, sturdy and effective. EASY TO INSERT, REMOVE, & DISPOSE There are many types of coffee filters available today. We chose the conical shape because it fits perfectly into manual drippers. Because they have the same shape, it takes one fold of the crease and it easily slips inside the dripper. After all the brewing is done, you can easily pull the filter out to throw away. And the best thing about it? The coffee grounds stay put inside. No spills and no mess! FOLDED PIECES, IDEAL FOR TRAVEL In each pack, you will find 100 neatly folded filters. They are lightweight and compact, perfect for people who want to bring their manual brewers wherever they go. These filters work with any pour-over dripper that could brew up to 2 cups of coffee. It is thick enough to keep sediment from going through but thin enough to allow hot water to flow through with ease. WORKS BEST WITH OUR CERAMIC DRIPPER One reason why you can rely on our coffee filters is that we began our company with classic ceramic pour-over drippers. We know that a cone filter is crucial for the perfect brew and we have a good idea of what works. We are a company dedicated to turning every coffee-drinking moment into an experience that you would like to enjoy again and again. You deserve nothing short of the best!


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