Kajava Mama Pour Over Coffee Dripper - Ceramic Slow Brewing Accessories for Home, Cafe, Restaurants - Easy Manual Brew Maker Gift - Strong Flavor Brew

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WISH YOU CAN ENJOY BISTRO-QUALITY COFFEE IN YOUR HOME? It’s fitting to say that a cup of coffee can only be as good as its beans. But the potential in each bean can be extracted with just the right brewing process. Coffee fanatics highly recommend pour-over coffee brewing because this slow, step-by-step method extracts the full, bold flavors from every bean. This method also allows you to control the strength and amount of coffee you’ll have in your cup. But the catch is, the market is overflowing with poorly-built drippers that can waste a fresh and expensive batch of coffee beans. Our ceramic drippers are available in 1 cup and 2 cup sizes. For use with V01 and V02 paper filters. The Pour Over Coffee Dripper by Kajava Mama lets you concoct artisanal coffee worthy of your taste buds. START YOUR DAY RIGHT For a coffee lover like you, the dream breakfast won’t be complete without a freshly brewed cup. One whiff of the ground beans instantly sends a jolt of delight, and the familiar aroma of a fresh batch is what you need to brave the day’s challenges. The pour-over method is coffee making in its purest form. And Kajava Mama’s dripper lets you brew delicious blends with just a cup, a filter, and a dripper. No complex settings or machines needed. 1 cup drippers are perfect for cafecitos, espressos and small cups. 2 cup drippers are suitable for everyday coffee cups and mugs as well as carafes. PURE, UNADULTERATED FLAVOR What sets pour-over coffee apart? Of course, the unmistakable taste. Our ceramic coffee dripper gives you a full-flavored cup of coffee with a more nuanced and subtle taste—the kind you won’t get from a drip machine or a French press. The grooves of our manual coffee brewer provide a consistent drip while deterring channeling. This brings out pour-over coffee’s rich, bold flavor. STEADY & CONSISTENT DRIP In this fast-paced world where you can get a cup of coffee with the press of a button, convenience is quickly overpowering taste. Unfortunately, even the priciest of coffee makers are no substitute for authentic, hand-poured coffee. The Kajava Mama pour over coffee dripper has a unique angled design that gives your grounds time to bloom. This process produces wonderful coffee slurry bursting with the full flavor of your favorite bean. WHY BREW WITH KAJAVA MAMA'S POUR OVER COFFEE DRIPPER AND OUR OTHER PRODUCTS! BUILT FOR LIFETIME USE Many hesitate to switch to pour over coffee because of the seeming fragility of ceramic. At Kajava Mama, we build all our products to withstand the test of time. Our drippers are handmade from pure, premium and sturdy ceramic, making each piece unique and highly durable. This material can absorb heat evenly to maintain the ideal temperature for brewing while keeping the handle cool. Each one has undergone numerous phases of testing to ensure utmost quality. UP CLOSE & PERSONAL Pour over brewing inspires your taste buds with beautiful tasting coffee and awakens your creativity. Take full control of your coffee. Play with faster pours for more intense flavors, or go slow for milder blends. Adjust the temperature anywhere from 195 to 205˚, or even change the ratio of water to coffee! Once you get the hang of the brewing steps, you can test each batch to determine which yields the most flavor and unique taste. BREW THE KAJAVA WAY The best thing about pour over brewing is the chance to craft your hot beverage with your own hands. Our coffee dripper revives the often overlooked art of manual coffee-making. We recommend adding 2 tbsp of ground coffee for every 6oz of water. Slowly pour in a spiral pattern, and wait 20 seconds for the coffee to bloom. Repeat the process thrice until you’ve poured all the water through the filter. Then simply set the dripper aside and enjoy your perfect cup! SIZE VO2 - 2 CUP 1 OR 2 CUP MATERIAL PAPER CERAMIC COLOR WHITE 8 COLORS AVAILABLE PACKS 1,2 OR 3


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