Zetz Brands Automatic Toy Foam Blasters Kids - Electric Soft Dart Launcher Set with Scope and Shoulder Strap - Premium Blaster Toys Playset for Boys,

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Start a Crazy Combat Battle with your Friends and Family with Zetz Dart Blaster! Are you looking for a fun, exciting, and safe game you can play with the whole squad? Do you want to lessen your kids? screen time and let them engage in more physical activities? Well then, get this Electric Dart Blaster Toy and experience a realistic Combat Game! Zetz Electric Automatic Toy Blasters Our Soft Foam Blaster boasts a durable construction as they are made with premium ABS Plastic with an anti-shock feature. It is battery-powered and is capable of launching the soft foam darts automatically. Product Highlights Super-Size Our Blaster Toys are relatively larger compared to typical toy blaster. This size offers a realistic combat mode that your children will surely have fun of. Automatic Firing With 4x AA batteries installed, it can launch darts continuously. It produces the same sound as real Blaster that?s why it?s super fun to play with. The batteries are not included in the package. Soft Foam Darts The Darts are designed to be extremely soft so that when the kids accidentally hit them in the wrong direction, no one will get harmed. The package includes 40 Darts. Complete Accessories This Dart Launcher Set comes with a removable head, clip, strap, and scope - perfect for playing sniper games! It is super easy to assemble and disassemble. If you are looking for a unique gift for your little boys and girls, then you just found it with Zetz Dart Launcher Toy! Even teens and adults will love it. Grab one now for you and your family and let the battle begin! Click the ?Add to Cart? Button to order!


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