Lazy Susan Turntable Organizer - for Kitchen, Pantry, Cabinet, Dining Table, Refrigerator, Countertop - Clear Spinning Lay Susan- 11.5 Inches - by Homeries (2 Pack)

Sale price$19.99 USD


Through this rotating lazy Susan organizer, it is easy to reach and organize different products you own. It helps you use all the products you have, when it is store in the upper shelves or in hard-to-reach places. The outer edge of the tray will keep your content safe while the tray is spinning. This organizer is super versatile to use and you can use it to store literally anything such as spices & condiments, baby food, beauty products, medications, and even other miscellaneous dips and sauces. This lazy Susan container will help you maximize your storage space by helping you store everything in a compact manner. This is especially true if you store things in your pantry or the refrigerator where things can often be hard to reach. You can store it anywhere such as your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedside table, or even your pantry. A truly multipurpose product. The turntable itself glides on stainless steel ball bearings that provide an easy spin and a quick rotation. This quick access product is perfect for storing miscellaneous things in your dorm room or your RV. This also means that you will be more inclined to use all the products you own and keep in the storage container, rather than simply going for the ones right in front of you. This pet food storage container is chlorine and BPA-free and is made from shatterproof plastic, which means it won’t cause a mess. The ball bearings are made of stainless steel thus promising you a long lifetime. It is easy to clean this storage container- simply hand wash it using water and mild cleaning soap.

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