Selina for Peloton Bike Desk Tray Table for Laptop, Tablet, Phone & More | Premium Clear Acrylic Holder Compatible with Peloton Bike Plus - Selina Pel

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POPULAR FOR A REASON: As one of the most popular accessories for your Peloton, the SELINA Desk Tray is loved by many who want to get some work done while spinning. Or maybe just a comfy place to leave your mug. That works too. MULTIPURPOSE: Made with solid acrylic, this durable and sturdy tray is great as a phone holder, laptop or tablet holder or really anything you would put on a desk. Multipurpose for the multitasker! EASY: Specifically designed to fit the Peloton Bike +, you can slide it right in and let gravity do the rest. BONUS: Included with your acrylic tray, you'll get cushion tape to make sure you don't scratch your Peloton Bike, as well as an added non-slip coaster for your beverage.

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