Litti City Doctor Costume for Kids, Play Doctor Set for Kids, Doctor/Vet, Playset Includes: Lab Coat (3T), Functional Stethoscope & Pretend Medical Supplies, Toy Doctor Kit for Toddlers 3-5 Years Old

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What child doesn’t aspire to be a doctor some day? With the Litti City Doctor Toys Set, you can spark your child's imagination and ignite some role-playing fun as he or she starts down the path to becoming a successful doctor. This doctor kit for kids includes multiple items to make your 3 year old boy or 4 year old girl feel like a real kids doctor. First, put on the Doctor coat to look the part. Then, attach your very own ID badge to make it official. It even includes a place for your child to insert his or her own photo! Finally, there are eyeglasses to ensure a close-up view when examining the patient. Need to check your patient’s heatbeat? Grab your stethoscope from the kids doctor kit and have a listen. Colored in a bright yellow color, children will love having their own stethoscope to listen to everyone’s hearts. Do you have a patient with a cut? Grab one of the six “boo-boo-aids” from the boo-boo-aid box and cover up the injury to keep it clean. Extremely cute to play around with, these boo-boo-aids are flexible and bend to enhance the fun. To top it off, each kids doctor kit comes with a bonus story book. Children will love hearing the story of Litti Doctor Benny going to work with his father. As his father treats patients, Benny helps out with his own doctor’s set and then gets a check-up from his father. Not only will the book help ease your child’s fear of going to the doctor, but it will also inspire a love of reading. For birthdays or just a gifts for 3 year old girl other special occasions, the Litti City Doctor Kit for Kids makes a great gift for boys and girls alike. Whether they want to play doctor, dress up in a doctor costume, or read through the colorful pages of Litti Doctor Benny, this kids doctur kit will occupy their time in a creative and fun way.
  • Doctor Costume for toddler boys and girls (11pcs) - They will love dressing up like a doctor and tr

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