DYSMIO Lighting 8-Inch Diameter Handblown Gloss White Glass Globe with 4-Inch Fitter Opening

Sale price$20.99 USD


Dysmio Lighting 8-Inch Diameter Handblown Gloss White Glass Globe is a product designed to add the finishing touch to the boring exposed lightbulbs. The Globe comes in a Gloss white color which makes it a simple and elegant addition to the home décor. The classic design used makes it adaptable to any décor, modern or traditional. The round shape of the product ensures an even and equitable distance of light in all directions and the gloss finish of the product makes the light stand out once the globe is added to it. The lustrous glass used helps in giving an attractive tone to the light as well. The globe has a diameter of 8 inches and has a 4-inch fitter opening for easy installation. The fitter is compatible with a lot of products which makes the globe an ideal choice. The shape of the product is very adaptable as well. The Globe is indoor and outdoor-friendly which opens doors for the choice of spots it can be installed in. The product looks best when it is installed in Kitchen, Bedroom, Living room and Bathroom

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