4 Packs Moisture Absorbers Boat Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber Hanging Bags and Charcoal to Get Rid of Smell & Remove Damp Musty Humidity Smell | Unsc

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Our hanging boat dehumidifier bag packets are a highly effective moisture eliminator, our advanced formula combines moisture absorbing pellets with natural activated charcoal that work together to eliminate moisture. These humidity packs are ideal for your boat, RV and also make an excellent moisture eliminator for home , they work great as a closet dehumidifier , closet air cleaner , moisture absorber for basement , dehumidifier for closet , and as a closet freshener for clothes. Simply place in any small enclosed area that you want to manage moisture. We proudly stand behind the quality of all our products! We are a family owned American business committed to making premium quality products.


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