Rubber Tape Silicone Tape Self Fusing Rubber Grip Tape 1" x 40FT Clear Silicone Repair Pipe Tape Electrical Radiator Hose Coax Plumbers Water Seal Str

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Our premium grade clear silicone heat tape is a “must-have” tool to have in your repair kit! If you need to make an emergency repair our fusing tape is the answer. This clear rescue tape fuses only to itself so will never leave a sticky residue behind. Our indoor and outdoor rubber wrap tape is great for sealing hoses, securing lines and fittings, and is ideal for wrapping tools for an anti-slip grip. Our clear quick fix tape is also great as pipe repair tape, automotive repair tape or clear electrical tape. This weatherproof sealing tape resists breaking down and the self fusing tape creates a waterproof and air-tight seal. To use, simply stretch, wrap and seal the tape to itself. The more you stretch this fixing tape, the stronger the bond. Once the tape is placed, you have 1 minute to reposition before the super-strong seal starts to form, after 2 minutes the seal is permanent. We are a family owned American business committed to making premium quality products and our customer's happiness. We are here to offer support if you have any questions about our products. We stand behind the quality of our products and will provide you with exceptional customer service!

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