Premium Silver Jewelry Tarnish Prevention Bags Anti-Tarnish Strips 10 Bags 20 1" Tabs Corrosion Protector

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Use our convenient and comprehensive anti-tarnish kit containing both anti metal blemishing bags and tabs to accommodate a variety of items, protecting them against tarnish, corrosion and oxidation to maintain shine, luster and brilliance of fine silver and precious metal goods including earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, chains, silverware, cutlery, flatware, teapots, platters and antique coins utilizing advanced, patented anti-tarnish technology that won't leave deposits is non-abrasive and safe for all metals and gemstones, even when in direct contact with the item you want to protect! We include five 4” x 4” bags, five 6” x 6” bags that protect up to 3 years and 20 1” x 1” tabs that provide protection for a 30 cubic inch container from each tab, for up to one year. Our bags and tabs are made with advanced technology - patented polymers that neutralize atmospheric gasses that cause tarnishing of metals and silver. Please note, you must clean items prior to use as these tabs do not remove existing tarnish. We are fully committed to your happiness! MADE IN THE USA


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