Glazed Ceramic Bonsai Pot - Decorative Planter for Dwarf Trees, Succulents, and Small Plants - Container Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens, Table

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FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT POT FOR YOUR BONSAI TREE? Anyone who wants to be an expert bonsai gardener knows that pots play a crucial role in attaining the best aesthetic look for a bonsai tree. But with so many guidelines in choosing one—from the size to the shape and from the color to the material—it can be overwhelming. Now, you’re worried you might choose an unsuitable design that can lessen the impact of your tree. So how do you avoid ending up with a pile of pots that don’t suit your bonsai? Our Bonsai Pot reflects the masculinity or femininity of your bonsai tree so it reaches its full potential. CREATES BALANCE & HARMONY Bonsai literally means “plant in a container,” which is why pots play an important role in this Japanese art. The aesthetic value of bonsai lies not only in its beauty but also in the harmony between the tree and the container in which it is grown. Our pot complements the color of your foliage and enhances its appearance without detracting attention from the tree itself. Its overall design works well with your bonsai to create a sense of stability and peace. SHOWCASE YOUR MASTERPIECE A large part of the art of bonsai is detaching the tree from the ground and placing it in a pot. Our planter, with an ideal depth and length, allows you to proudly display miniature trees like kenshitsubos, shitos, sholins or komonos. It also fits medium bonsai trees such as katade-mochis and chumonochius. With an oval shape, our brown pot is able to contain literati or bunjin, semi-cascade style, and cascade style bonsai trees. STURDY & DURABLE It is through the proper exhibition of a bonsai tree that gardeners can really convey the principles of Wabi-sabi and Mono no Aware. Because a bonsai tree requires trimming, grafting, and other mechanical management to showcase its beauty and appearance, a pot designed specifically for this miniature plant is needed. Our bonsai bowl is a secure and steady container made especially for cultivating bonsai trees for many years. WHY LEAVES AND SOUL? .... AND LOOK, THERE'S MORE GREAT PRODUCTS!!! IDEAL FOR GIFTING Bonsai trees symbolize harmony, peace, balance, order of thoughts, and everything else that is good in nature. Bring the art of bonsai cultivation to a loved one’s life by gifting them with our bonsai pot. If you’re feeling extra thoughtful, go ahead and buy a tree in a store or online shop. Your friends and loved ones will surely appreciate a present that’s not only a delightful hobby but also a miniature representation of nature. SPECIAL PLANT CONTAINER This versatile pot can be used for growing other plants aside from bonsai trees. Great for beginners, it’s the perfect size for taking care of small and medium plants like asparagus ferns, echeverias, Chinese money plants, and aloe vera. Looking to add to your collection of ceramic planters and jars? Our bonsai pot is stylish, sleek, and a great décor for placing on shelves and racks, whether there’s a plant growing inside or not. BRING BONSAI INTO YOUR LIFE A bonsai tree is no good without a pot, just as a portrait is no good without a frame. Bring the art of bonsai cultivation into your family’s life. It is a fun hobby that you can share with your children. The magic of growing something so small into a living and breathing piece of art is a great way to bond with the kids for many years. Now, you can enjoy a rewarding hobby with the special people in your life. COLOR MULTI BLUE GREEN BROWN SHAPE RECTANGLE OVAL SIZE 160 FEET OF WIRE 5 1/2 x 4 1/8 x 2 1/8 inches 6 ¼ x 4 ¾ x 2 7/8 inches 2.2 QUARTS


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