Bonsai Soil Premium All Purpose Blend | Pre-Mixed Ready to Use for Plant Support and Fast Drainage | Lava, Limestone Pearock, Calcined Clay and Pineba

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GROWING A BONSAI IS BOTH ART AND SCIENCE FEW THINGS CAN MATCH THE GRATIFICATION OF RAISING A PLANT TO MATURITY. People have been fascinated with bonsai trees for centuries. Despite the challenges involved, there is something very special about growing such a realistic, impressive representation of nature in a container small enough to carry. But when it comes to raising any plant, the soil you use is arguably the most important factor, as it sets the foundation for everything else. This Bonsai Soil by Leaves and Soul gives your tree what it needs to grow well! A NOURISHING ENVIRONMENT We have created our bonsai soil mix to provide the ideal conditions for your tree’s growth. It offers excellent plant support, helps improve fertilizer absorption and nutrient uptake, all while featuring good aeration so that the roots can get all of the oxygen they need. These factors combined help the plant grow without any hindrances. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional at bonsai raising, you’ll love how effective this soil blend is! BALANCED, READY TO USE MIX Regular garden dirt is not suitable for bonsai trees, which is why we have created a specialized soil mix. Our premium, all-purpose blend consists of 30% Red Lava Rock, 30% Limestone Pearock, 30% Calcined Clay, and 10% Pinebark. This ideally proportioned mix comes ready to use - no more adjustments are necessary, saving you both time and effort. Just place it into your bonsai container of choice! SUITABLE FOR ALL BONSAI VARIETIES There are a wide range of tree species that can be used for bonsai gardening. From the hardy Juniper and Pine trees to the gorgeous, colorful Japanese Maple, you can find something to match every aesthetic. The good news is that regardless of which you choose to raise, our bonsai soil blend won’t let you down. This all-purpose potting mix is suitable for every type of bonsai tree. PROMOTES BETTER WATER MANAGEMENT One of the biggest challenges when raising any plant is making sure that it gets just the right amount of water. Too much and you risk drowning it, too little and the leaves start to brown and wilt. The case is no different for bonsai trees. Our soil blend is designed to retain a good amount of moisture to meet your plant’s requirements, while still featuring great drainage, allowing excess water to pass. DURABLE RESEALABLE PACKAGING With 2.2 quarts of premixed soil in every bag, you’ll have more than enough to work with. Keep some in reserve for your other projects! Our resealable bag ensures that the contents stay fresh and in optimal condition even if stored for long periods. It is exceptionally durable and not prone to tearing or puncturing. The attractive bag design also makes it a thoughtful gift for bonsai enthusiasts, gardeners, and plant lovers of all kinds. MADE IN THE USA Get the quality that you deserve! All of our bonsai soil blends are prepared and packaged in the United States. We take pride in the quality of our products, and aim to be your first choice when it comes all of your gardening needs. If you have any questions about this bonsai substrate, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to hear from you and assist with any concerns.

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