Sandbags - 20 Pack 14x26 Inch Empty Sand Bags with Drawstring Ties, Heavy Duty Sandbag in Bulk For Flood Control, Umbrella & Patio Furniture, Photogra

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Be prepared for your next heavy rainstorm or construction project with this pack of 20 drawstring sand bags. MAde from durable PP woven material, these bags measure 14x26 inches and can hold up to 50 poounds of sand or gravel. The drawstring closure keeps the contents from spilling out in your yard or home. Made to withstand the elements, these sand bags have a UV coating for protection from the sun for 1,600 hours when left outside. These sand bags are always a good idea to have on hand in case of unexpected weather, especially if your home is prone to flooding or you have patio furniture to secure. Since they fold flat when not in use, they are extremely easy and convenient to store in your home.

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