Baby Salve, Diaper Rash and Eczema Balm for Babies and Toddlers, Diaper Balm Baby Butt Cream, Drool Rash Ointment, Baby Ointment, Natural Diaper Cream

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Baby Salve is the same formula as our Touchy Skin Salve, labeled to communicate that it is also great as a baby ointment. An herbal natural healing ointment. First, we infuse our blend of organic herbs in non-GMO grapeseed oil in glass containers in cold and dark conditions. This extracts the nutrients and healing properties of the herbs into the oil and not any toxins that would leach from plastic infusion containers. Then beeswax is added to provide structure and protection, as well as organic raw coconut oil and a touch of castor oil to offer soothing and emollient. Vitamin E is well established to have benefits to the skin and extends the shelf life of the otherwise preservative-free salve. This process has been used by herbalists, grandmothers, mothers, and families for thousands of years, and now we continue the tradition. There is no better way to keep baby rash-free than keeping skin dry by changing diapers often, avoiding food triggers, and avoiding scented or chemical-treated diapers, detergents, and other products that may cause irritation. Rashes do sometimes occur though, and when they do, we reach for our Baby Salve.


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