Palm Naki Compartment Palm Leaf Plates (10"x9") - BPA Free Plates, Disposable Dinnerware, Compostable and Biodegradable 3 Compartment Plates, Eco Frie

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Tired of cleaning the unwanted mess left behind by outdated paper disposable plates? Look no further than our Disposable Palm Leaf Compartment Plate! Our rugged design guarantees our plates won’t bend, break, or absorb liquids, while still delivering a fashionable dinnerware to any party, event, or family gathering! Bring the future of disposable dining to your home and reduce your impact on the earth with our Palm Leaf Disposable Dinnerware! PALM LEAF PLATES Our ecofriendly disposable plates are made from materials harvested from the earth! Constructed from fallen Areca palm tree leaves, we clean, soak, and dry these fronds before molding our plates. With unique textures each plate adds depth and character to its appearance! WHY PALM LEAF? FASHIONABLE: Our palm leaf compartment plates are the perfect addition to any gathering or event! With an elegant design, our plates seamlessly match with any room or color scheme! STURDY STRUCTURE: In designing our product, structure was imperative! Our plates are sturdy and won’t soak in any liquids or break in use! ECO FRIENDLY: Palm Leaf Plates are the future of disposable dinnerware! Rest easy knowing that our biodegradable compartment plates will once again become one with the earth. With no added chemicals, these plates are far more environmentally friendly than paper plates. Simply use and throw out your plates worry free!


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