AdirMed Adir Glove Holder for Wall Mount Double Box Capacity & Green Large Dual-Lock Medicine Cabinet Bundle

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Why Choose Adir Glove Holder for Wall Mount Double Box Capacity & AdirMed Large Dual-Lock Medicine Cabinet? The AdirMed Large Medical Security Cabinet allows users to safely store medical supplies, prescriptions and similar products against unauthorized access. It’s an ideal solution for homes, offices, schools, medical practitioners and other locations wishing to make medicine and small tools inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. The welded steel construction resists forced entry, while also providing long-term durability and use for years to come. The AdirMed Glove Dispenser is made of high-quality acrylic to provide long-lasting strength and use for years to come. In addition to being elegant and lightweight, this material is extremely durable and shatter-resistant. In fact, it won’t break even if it hits the ground! Simple yet functional, the AdirMed is a great way to keep gloves within easy reach for doctors, employees, students, cooks and more. The clear color is attractive and will easily complement any existing decor, making it easy to blend in seamlessly into any interior space.

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