Rosmar, SANIDRY, Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes, Unscented, Non Abrasive, 300 Count, White

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DISINFECT: SANIDRY wipes kill 99.9.% of viruses and bacteria. Our wipes are effective against both SARS-CoV2 and COVID-19, as well as influenza. CLEAN & RELIABLE: Ideal for personal use at home, gyms, offices, schools, cars, hospitals, etc. Used to clean technologies, doorknobs, hands, pet paws, and more. Our unscented wipes disinfect without leaving unpleasant odors. EFFECTIVE: SANIDRY wipes can absorb more and clean a larger area with just a straightforward wipe, allowing for efficient cleaning without damaging surfaces. SUPER MOIST: Made of nonwoven spunlace, the wipes do not fall apart, leave residue or dry out. Our wipes are unscented and do not harm humans or pets. PROTECT: SANIDRY Wipes’ use recyclable materials in its packaging to reduce the environmental footprint.

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