Marrakesh Hair Care Shampoo Original, 2 Fl Oz (MKS1275)

Sale price$20.00 USD


Marrakesh’s Nourish Natural Argan Oil Shampoo is a sulfate-free, ultra nourishing formula with a carefully crafted blend of nutrient rich ingredients that deliver gorgeous, healthy-looking hair. A blend of high quality natural ingredients including Argan Oil from Morocco, and Hemp Seed Oil, work together to infuse hair with lightweight yet deeply penetrating moisture. In addition to these nurturing ingredients, hydrolyzed wheat protein strengthens hair to reduce breakage, while antioxidant rich botanicals protect hair from environmental and daily stresses. Beyond leaving hair in a clean, healthy, beautiful condition, Marrakesh Nourish Shampoo comes in a variety of exotic scents that will transport your senses.


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