Mighty X Indoor Rug/Carpet Tape Double Sided 30 Yards x 2 Inches - Extra Thick - Heavy Duty by iPrimio

Sale price$19.99 USD


REGISTERED BRAND ON : Mighty X Carpet Double Sided Tape (One Roll - 30 Yards / 2 Inches Wide) carpet tape. Easy to fasten and best of all, it WORKS! Peel outer side polyethylene liner to expose double sided tape.   2 inches wide and overall length of 30 yards (90 feet) Cut and install desired length.  Long term adhesion thanks to its high tensile strength and sheer stress resistance. Sticks to almost any floor and rug.   Moisture and dew resistance. Easily removed without leaving any trace of sticky adhesive that can damage hardwood floor finishes. Works great with NeverCurl that is sold on (keeps rug corners curling). Great combination! By iPrimio a Michigan Based Company

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