Movo WS1 Furry Microphone Windscreen for Zoom H1n Recorder - Outdoor Microphone Cover for Small Microphones up to 2.5" x 40mm (L x D) (Light Gray)

Sale price$20.00 USD


Say goodbye to distracting background noise. This furry microphone windscreen significantly improves your audio quality whether you use it with an audio recorder or small microphone. Small and effective, slip the wind muff over your microphone and expect to record clear audio - a time saver in post-production. Ideal for podcasts, voice-overs, interviews, and more. It will even make you chuckle from time to time with its troll like hair. Why it's great: Sometimes you just don't realize how bad wind and background noise can be until you've finished recording and begin editing. Ensure clear audio with this incredibly useful windscreen and reduce noise up to 40dB with minimal high-frequency loss. It's best used with the Zoom H1, Zoom H1n, and Tascam DR-05 which are all sensitive to minor noise. Other microphones that measure up to 2.5" long and 40mm in diameter can also benefit from this wind muff. It's possible to capture clear audio, don't wait any longer and hear the difference for yourself.

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