Sorefy Felt Lined Dining Table Leaf Extension Storage Bag

Sale price$20.00



Sorfey Dining Table Leaf Storage Bags are made with heavy gauge, moisture resistant vinyl on the outside with a soft, cushioned, polyester non-woven fleece lining on the inside. The soft flannel lining add extra padding and helps providing a long-term protection to your table leaves. Storage table leaf covers are large enough to provide extra room to spare around your table leaf to fit some of your table accessories such as table pads, runners etc. A table leaf storage bag helps to store wooden leaves in a protective covering. These coverings help protect your wooden table leaf extensions from scratches, dust, chips, dings and other damage. Help ensure the longevity of your table leaves by storing them in our padded vinyl flannel backed table leaf storage bag. Also suitable for smaller sized picture frames, glass shelves, table tops and similar applications where additional protection is needed during long-term storage.


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