ZenVizion 13.5" Gold Seed of Life Wall Decor Merkabah Mandala, Sacred Geometry Wall Art Yoga Decor, Crystal Grid, Wooden Art Symbol, Meditation Decor,

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The Seed of Life is a believed to represent the universal symbol for the seven days of creation. The 7 circles depict 7 major energy centers - chakras, the colors of the rainbow, musical scales, & 7 planes of existence. Some believe that the Seed of Life forms a geometrical foundation of intelligent infinity and fractal nature of all Creation and consider it a symbol of blessing, protection, and fertility.Seed of Life is found at the heart of an anciet pattern called Flower of Life, which is believed to be the basic template for everything in existence and a type of Akashic Record of basic information of all living things.Depictions of the Seed of Life can be traced to ancient cultures and an ancient temple of Osiris located in Abydos Egypt, which is the source of major mystical studies and knowledge. This sacred geometry pattern can be found in many ancient cultures - India, China, Israel, Japan, Italy.


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