Premium Hookah Hose with Mouthpiece - 60" Long Silicone Water Pipe Hose, Washable, with 15" Aluminum Easy-Grip Mouthpiece - Modern Design Handle, Won'

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DO YOU ALWAYS RECEIVE A MIXED BLEND OF FLAVORS WHENEVER YOU TAKE A PULL FROM YOUR HOSE? You’ve cleaned it and changed the base water, but the flavor remains a mix of your last couple of bowls. The shisha flavor is no longer coming through the right way even if you’ve washed your hose. What’s even bothersome is the slight discoloration in the tubing that won’t disappear despite washing. Is your hose telling you it’s time for a switch? If it stinks and looks bad, then you need to replace it. The Premium Hookah Silicone Hose with Aluminum Mouthpiece by M. Rosenfeld does not retain flavors from previous mixes. RESILIENT TO FLAVOR GHOSTING Get fresh taste from each hookah session with our high-quality hose. It is engineered to provide a smooth, unrestricted air flow so you can enjoy the best-tasting shisha flavors. The hose also allows incredible smoke flow, making it easy for you and your friends to puff the biggest clouds. Flexible and lighter than traditional hoses, our premium hose makes passing amongst friends easy and fun. INCREDIBLY LOW MAINTENANCE Every shisha smoker loves to save a buck. They go for cheap washable hoses that have a tendency to ghost. So, even if they’ve just loaded a fresh bowl of flavor, they can still taste the mix smoked the previous day. Why settle for cheap hoses when our washable hose offers exceptional functionality? This piece is hygienic so you can smoke, wash, rinse and repeat. Smoking has never been so simple and hassle-free! MAXIMUM AIR FLOW Make your summertime get-togethers and winter nights extra special and unforgettable. With a large and long ergonomic handle, our hookah hose provides power in your hands so you can unleash the beast at your next group gathering. Air easily passes through the handle so just before you inhale, you immediately feel the cloud of refreshingly flavored smoke. Go ahead and stock up for the long winters and hot summers!


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