Hookah Bowl Set Premium Stone Black Bowl

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✅EASY-TO-USE HOOKAH SET - suits for every shisha, coals, tobacco like Al fakher, Starbuzz. Only 2 coal cubes/ flats required. No hookah accessories like grommet, poker, puncher or foil required! ✅INVULNERABLE HOOKAH BOWL - made of stone, which will serve you for many years. Massive and heavy, 280 grams of reliability in your hands. ✅ PREMIUM COMBINATION - thanks to the stone heat, literally covers the tobacco from all sides, better revealing its taste. Up to 100 minutes with big large clouds and great taste! ✅ INNOVATIVE HMD - for the first time in the United States - HULI. The newest HMD with three rows of holes will HEAT your tobacco and large hookah bowl perfectly. Perfect combination ✅ OUTSTANDING QUALITY - we use only superior materials to provide clean smoke without unhealthy chemical toxins & ghosting hookah flavors. No toxic silver spray & low-quality ceramic

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