Hookah Charcoal Hookah Coals for Hookah Coconut - XL Pack 84 Count & 1.2 KG (2.6 lbs) - Premium Quality 25mm (1x1x1 in) - 100% Natural Coconut Charcoa

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Hello hookah lover! ? Are you tired of quicklights disks that burning down in 15 minutes? ? Tired of the mountains of ashes that are left behind by other coconut hookah coals or Coconut Charcoal Briquettes? ? Congratulations, you got to the right place and ? coconut coal M.ROSENFELD is what you need! We?ve tested a lot of manufacturing technologies, and we may have reinvent coconut coal. This product will take your hookah experience to a new level. - 1.5% ash instead of 3% (clean ashtray) - 84 pieces in the box of hookah coals instead of 72. - 0 additives. - 100% natural. these are only the most obvious benefits you?ll get. Unlike the tablets hookah coals discs, they burn six times as long, they spend less, they spend more, they keep more money in your pocket!?

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