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Now you can take your memorable 2 Hose Hookah Complete Set experiences to the next level with our premium Tricase Hookah set! The unique design makes it more enjoyable to share a flavorful Hookah smoking experience with your friends. This all-in-one Premium set includes everything you need. It includes a hookah vase, base assembled, two hose adapters, 2 fixing washers, upper shaft, bowl grommet, bowl adapter, professional big clay bowl, two hoses, one roll of 10 Instant coals, 50 precut foils, Hookah tongues, one personal mouthpiece, and 10 disposable mouthpieces. It’s simple to use and your purchase also includes an easy to follow manual. Simply fill the vase with water, then place the base with two hose adapters. Then place the bowl adapter and then the bowl grommet and the bowl on top of the adapter. Lastly, place the hose in one of the hose adapters. Your Tricase Hookah is the ultimate party set to create epic memories and bonding moments to last a lifetime. Click the yellow “Add to Cart Button” today to enjoy the Hookah Party Culture Experience!

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