Cricket Amped Up Teasing Hair Brush for Volume, Backcombing, Lifting, Styling, And Sectioning Hair, Aqua

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Amped Up Teasing Brush By CricketIf you want big, voluminous hair with loads of texture and character, then the Amped Up Teasing Brush is the perfect one for you. This teasing hair brush adds major volume to hair. It’s the perfect volumizer hair brush for lifting hair and updos. It will help you amp up your hair from a little teasing to a crown full of volume, so you can create tons of exciting hairstyles.Loads Of Volume Without Damaging Side EffectsCricket's Amped Up Teasing Brush uses unique boar/nylon bristles to lift hair to the maximum teasing height and add major hair volume without the damaging side effects of teasing combs. The unique bristle pattern minimizes damage and breakage to hair. It helps you create volume with less risk of breaking your hair as the bristles are more gentle.Helps Add Shine To StylingBoar bristles help evenly distribute the hair’s natural oils, adding shine to styling. This hair brush is specially designed with a sectioning tip that easily allows separation and texture variation. Its ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort during the styling process. It’s heat and chemical resistant.

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