Brother P-touch Label Maker, PC-Connectable Labeler, PTD600, Color Display, High-Resolution PC Printing, Black, Black/gray

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The Brother P touch PTD600 PC Connectable Label Maker is well suited for multiple labeling uses in business or personal environments. A built in keyboard and the ability to quick connect to PCs or Macs allow users to create more personalized labels. An intuitive, full color graphical display offers easy access for users to review the actual label’s appearance prior to printing. This feature allows you to edit on the fly to ensure that your label is printed correctly the first time. There are a lot of personalized label functions that let you create labels of exceptional quality. You can choose from 14 fonts, 11 styles, 99 frames, and over 600 symbols plus barcodes to design professional labels. The label printer then takes your design and produces high resolution labels that highlight your logos, graphics, and more. The PT D600 also prints labels exceptionally fast and has an automatic tape cutter for high volume printing jobs. This PC connectable label printer also contains a large memory that allows you to save up to 99 commonly used labels. This feature helps you save time with common reprinting jobs. With the included AC power adapter and USB cable, you’ll be confident that your label maker will be ready when you are. The PT D600 works with 5 different TZe tape widths. The convenient, top loading tape design lets you easily swap out tape cassette colors and sizes. These labels are laminated and durable, helping them withstand heat, water, and fading. For use with Brother Genuine P touch TZe tapes: TZe MQF31, TZe MQE31, TZe MQ531, TZe2312PK, TZe1312PK, TZe 111, TZe 211, TZe N201, TZe 315, TZe S211, TZe 121, TZe 325, TZe 221, TZe 421, TZe S121, TZe S221, TZe S621, TZe 131, TZe 135, TZe 231, TZe 232, TZe 334, TZe 335, TZe 631, TZe AF131, TZe AF231, TZe FA3, TZe FX231, TZe FX631, TZe MQ835, TZe MQ934, TZe MQG35, TZe MQP35, TZe S131, TZe S135, TZe S231, TZe S631, TZe 141, TZe 145, TZe 241, TZe 242, TZe 243, TZe 344, TZe 345, TZe 441, TZe 541, TZe 545, TZe 641, TZe 741, TZe B41, TZe FX241, TZe S141, TZe S241, TZe S641, TZe S941.TZe CL4, TZe S241, TZe SE4, TZe 151, TZe 251, TZe 252, TZe 354, TZe 355, TZe 451, TZe 651, TZe B51, TZe FX251, TZe FX651, TZe S151, TZe S251, TZe S651, TZe S951.

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