Beige Khaki Bathroom Mat - Shower Rug - Non Slip Bath Pad - Soft, Microfiber & Super Absorbent - Alfombras para Baños

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Luxury you can feel. Luxury that lasts. Take your shower and bath experience from cold to cozy with the Luxe Plush Bathroom Rug, complete with luxurious, dense, shag pile and non-slip backing. Ultra-Plush Dense Pile Grams per square meter (GSM) is the bathroom equivalent of the thread count we’re used to looking at when buying sheets. The higher the GSM, the more luxe the bath towel/sheet/rug/robe. Here’s a breakdown: 200 – 400 GSM: the see-through towels your high school gym provided. 400 – 600 GSM: the beach towel you bought on college spring break. 600 – 800 GSM: that one time you stayed at the Ritz and realized no other towel would ever be the same. 800+ GSM: your cashmere sweater is going to be jealous. So how do Luxe Rugs stack up? Our tub mats and bath rugs weigh in at a lusher-than-lush 1150 GSM! That is almost 12% denser than the cheaper rugs you'll find. That means an extra warm landing pad for your toes and superior absorption. Washable Easy Care A little extra mess on your mat? Whether it’s soap from the tub or dirt from outside, it’s tricky to keep your bath mat pristine. The Luxe Ultra-Plush Mat can be cleaned in the washing machine, and maintains its soft texture through regular cycles. Allow the mat to gently air dry to keep it feeling extra cozy. Highly Absorbent Texture The dense thick pile construction catches water as you step out of the shower, keeping your bathroom floor from becoming slippery and dangerous. Unlike cotton and memory foam, the microfiber shag pile texture dries quickly and evenly to prevent growth of mold or mildew. Natural Latex Backing - Your Rugs Won't Slip The natural latex non-skid backing ensures that the Luxe mat stays perfectly in place, helping to prevent falls on slippery bathroom floors. Natural latex rubber is strong, sticky, and durable, without the harsh chemicals of PVC or glue. Sticks easily to tile, wood, and concrete to protect you and your floors. Just like with the threadcount, we don't skimp on this either most rugs are made with 600 GSM backing or use PVC, which doesn't have much 'tack'. Ours are 650 GSM of natural latex.


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