Aubert & Amandine Pastel Collection Luxury Scented Soy Candle for Stress Relief & Relaxation High Intensity Aromatherapy

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Life at home is about creating space for everyday life as it happens. For all the things you want to do. For all the things you love. And for everyone that you spend your time with. Because when the home works for the way you live, life simply becomes better. Our fragrance products are designed with beauty and luxury in mind; beautiful, premium quality products that work well. Our sophisticated designs are developed to be both beautiful and practical. Anyone can have a “nice” candle, but Aubert & Amandine candles have a highly concentrated fragrance formula of aromatherapy essential oils and fragrances to quickly deliver the aromatic benefits you demand. Our candles are made with high quality, all natural ingredients of soy wax and cotton wicks. No petroleum products that you’ll get in less expensive candles. Your candle burns cleaner and more evenly. No “hollow” candles. Create the perfect ambiance with scent Aubert & Amandine aromatherapy candles have the same (or higher) high concentration of fragrance you expect in a luxury candle. That means you don’t have to burn your candle a long time to fill your room with scent, so your candle will last longer. Relax with Aubert & Amandine By spreading just the right combination of microparticles into the air, Aubert & Amandine aromatherapy candles creates the right mood for stress relief and relaxation. Each candle is full of aromatherapy benefits: Relaxation Joyfulness Renewal Refreshment Peacefulness Calming Put a lid on it Our candles have sealed covers to preserve your investment in the scent. They ensure the oils are preserved, and the wax and wicks are kept conditioned. Beyond that, the lids protect the wax in your candle from daily dust and grime, and you can use them to prop up your jar and protect your surfaces. We use natural soy wax for petroleum-free enjoyment We made these candles to be free from harmful toxins that can be present when burning petroleum-based paraffin wax. Natural soy wax is not only free from unhealthy emissions, but it also burns more evenly, especially when coupled with our natural cotton fiber wicks.


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