Prextex 75 Light Blue Party Balloons 12 Inch Light Blue Balloons with Matching Color Ribbon for Light Blue Theme Party Decoration, Baby Shower, Birthd

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Contains 75 premium light blue color party balloons with matching colored ribbons. Plenty of ribbon for all balloons. The most perfect balloon pack for your light blue colored themed birthday party, graduation, outdoor event, bridal shower, baby shower or any other special occasion. Use for your light blue colored themed wedding, anniversary, bachelorette party or mix and match with other color to create that perfect atmosphere in your desired theme. Thicker and much strong than typical balloons for longer lasting fun. Blows up to 12 inches big; inflate by mouth, air pump or helium. Ideal party decoration or party favor. Made of premium, helium-quality pure latex. 100% eco-friendly.

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