UV Glow Blacklight Lipstick - 6 Color Variety Pack, 3.7g - Day or Night Stage, Clubbing or Costume Makeup by Splashes & Spills

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With Splashes & Spills Makeup you can let your imagination run wild as you create a wide range of elaborate looks from the scary to the whimsical. This easy to apply UV lipstick is the perfect way to kick your costume up a notch and add a magical touch to your look that comes to life under a UV blacklight glow. About This Product: - Vivid UV Lipstick (3.7g)- Lightweight & Compact Tube- Naturally Moisturizing Formula Easily Glides- Kind On The Skin- Perfect For Night Clubs & Theatrical Effects 6 Shades Per Pack Including: - Yellow- Pink- Orange- Green- Purple- Blue Splashes & Spills UV Lipstick will be a hit at your next special occasion! Even during the day or under regular lights at night, it is the perfect finishing touch to your look for parties, festivals, specialty photo shoots, an extra special night on the town, Halloween, costume parties, the stage and more! You can use it to add extra wow factor to your look with its bright neon color. Create fantastical looks that will have a truly magical effect. Transform into an alien, unicorn, magical fairy, wizard, sorceress, angel or anything else that calls for an ethereal, otherworldly appearance. The fun starts under a UV blacklight glow when you?re out clubbing! This awesome UV lipstick really comes to life. That is when you will truly be able to appreciate your handiwork. Additionally, It is super easy to apply and remove. It's tried, tested and proven to be kind to the skin. Get a tube of our UV lipstick and create truly stunning and fun looks that are sure to make a dramatic statement! At Splashes & Spills we are committed to providing you with high quality products that we know you'll love. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase contact us so we can be of assistance.

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