Laevo Mermaid Slime Kit - DIY Slime Kit for Kids - Party Mermaid Gift for Girls - Make Glitter, Butter, Clear Foam Crunchy Glossy Slime Charms Add Ins

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10 Pre-made slime and 10 slime powders- 20 new slimes all together! Customize and play with your slime using: soft clay for butter slime, glass beads, foam balls, sugar paper, 12 bottles of glitter add-ins, mermaid stamp, surprise mold, 3 little mermaids, 3 mermaid tails, glitter pieces, 6 starfish, sea life stickers, tool set, and 2 measuring cups with lids. Connect as a family! Create new memories together! With our proprietary ingredients, create incredible sea life scenes using clay, slime, stickers, and stamps. Use our ready made slime and easy-to-follow guides to create a memorable slime experience Learn while you play! Toys like our slime kits develop creativity and imagination as well as enhance hand-eye coordination. Easy to make and play with! No disappointed children! Mix and match ingredients without the disappointment of a failed slime creation. Perfect gift for kids as young as 5 years old. Ingredients in our slime kit are 100% safe, non-toxic & odorless. Kid-friendly, and parent approved!

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