180 Gold Plastic Silverware Set | Glitter Gold Cutlery | Glitter Clear Plastic Cutlery Set | Disposable Silverware Flatware Set | 60 Gold Forks, 60 Go

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Nothing adds more flair to your party the glitter and when you're done decorating the interior of your home or catering hall, Prestee will decorate your utensils! Our deluxe glitter accented silverware set will add superior glam to any dining table so you exude elegance with every bite you take!PRODUCT FEATURES Utensils Accented with Glitter from Inside Colors: Gold or Silver Bulk Packs Available: 180 or 360 Packs Comes with Spoons, Knives, and Forks (60 of Each in 180 Pack, 120 of Each in 360 Pack) Durable Plastic - Won't Break or Crack While Eating Elegant Construction for Party, Banquet, Weddings, and More Disposable or Reusable Great for Home and Casual UseSTYLISH FLATWARE FOR ANY OCCASIONAdd an extra layer or swagger to your fancy party or event with our amazing plastic cutlery that's both functional and fashionable to fit in with any dinner's aesthetic. They're perfect for large gatherings such as birthday celebrations, banquets, and weddings so you can easily accommodate all your guests with just one pack! They're available in a large 180 pack and even larger 360 pack so you can always get the perfect amount for you and hundreds of others. The packs are evenly divided so you get 60 or 120 of each spoons, forks, and knives respectively.DISPOSE WITH EASE & SAFETYThe cutlery is made with durable plastic that not only provide premium strength that won't break or crack when you're using them to eat but also make clean up a breeze! When the party's over, just throw them away with safety - they're ecofriendly and won't harm the environment! You can also reuse them if you wish and wash them with soap and water! They will retain their glittery elegance so don't you worry about they're style fading.With Prestee, you're getting top quality kitchen tools and accessories that make food making and sweet baking easy as pie!

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