Deluxe Squirrel & Raccoon Stopper 18" | Make Your Bird Feeder Squirrel Proof | Squirrell and Rodent Repellent | No Need to Take Down Bird Feeder Pole,

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EASIEST SQUIRREL AND RACCOON Stopper we have EVER MADE. Newest torpedo shape prevents squirrels from getting to feeders. GREAT DESIGN -- NO NEED TO TAKE DOWN POLE - Many Squirrel Stoppers require you to take down your bird feed pole AND that is HARD to DO!. Not with our design. Both halves wrap around pole and a wire ring holds the halves together. NO TOOLS NECESSARY: You don't even have take down the pole, but you NEED NO TOOLS EITHER. We use a PATENT PENDING DESIGN that uses Rubber Clamp on the pole that USES stretch hook and loop wrap. Installs in minutes. EFFECTIVE: The Torpedo Tilts and Rocks when a raccoon, squirrel, or rodent tries to climb. DESIGNED AND ENGINEERED IN MICHIGAN - Designed and Sold by Purple Pet. A Michigan Company.

Used Very Good

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