Leg Elevation Pillow with Memory Foam & Cooling Gel and Leg Pillow Cover Bundle - Elevating Foam Wedge Leg Rest - Relieves Leg Pain, Hip, and Knee Pai

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REST YOUR LEGS — Relieve swelling, reduce edema, attain spine & coccyx alignment, improve blood circulation, and support your ligaments & muscles while you sleep with EBUNG leg elevation pillow — AT HOME LEG THERAPY with our elevating leg rest pillow! ERGONOMIC LEG PILLOW — Designed for the ultimate comfort, our leg elevation wedge outlines along the natural curves of your lower legs, takes the excess pressure off your legs, hips & knees, and provides a comfortable resting place for your legs while you sleep! PREMIUM QUALITY — Made with the best quality high-density foam, our leg wedge pillow is sturdy enough to retain its shape, embraces your natural contours, and is sure to last through many years of use — BEST foot elevation pillow! NO SWEAT! — Cooling gel prevents you from becoming overheated, and memory foam allows it to contour perfectly to your body. Measuring 24” x 21” x 8”, our leg rest pillow is just the right size to prop on your bed, has a WASHABLE COVER that is hypoallergenic & allows you to easily maintain desired hygiene, gentle on your skin, dust-proof, breathable.

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