Magnetic Dry Erase Chore Chart for Multiple Kids (17x12") - 6 Whiteboard Markers with Magnets | Family Chore Chart, Fridge Chore Chart for Adults | Ma

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As parents, we've all had to say this phrase, "Alright, who's turn is it to do the dishes/feed the dog/[insert chore or responsibility here]?" And that phrase is inevitably followed by a slew of finger-pointing and the always reliable, "I did it last time!" Now... what if we DIDN'T have this conversation? No, no... your household won't fall into complete anarchy because everyone will know their roles AND be able to check them off one-by-one! With this unique 17x12" behavior chart, we can keep track of everyone's jobs, chores, and more... all with a completely color-coded system... right from our Fridge! Why the fridge? Because it's the one place everyone in the family goes to and will guarantee they will see their chores... and any rewards you choose to give. We thought of everything to make organizing your work a CINCH! Add this unique dry erase board to your cart -- and get to organizing -- today!

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