Serene Evolution White Noise Machine for Sleeping Adult or Baby with 60 Sounds | White Noise Machine for Office Privacy & Noise Cancelling | Sleep Sou

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The Serene Evolution White Noise Machine With Remote has 60 soothing sleep sounds: 13 fan, 5 brown noise, 4 pink noise, 3 white noise, 4 ocean, 3 rain, thunder, brook, shower, waterfall, rain forest, summer night, crickets, frogs, 2 bird, helicopter, 2 hairdryer, dryer, crowd, 2 train, fireplace, campfire, 2 vacuum, snoring, surprise, 3 flute, lions roar and wind chimes. Leave the white noise machine on all night or set a timer for 30, 60 or 120 minutes. The wireless remote control works up to 50 feet away. Recalls last sound and volume setting when turned on. High fidelity speaker has 25 volume settings with a volume range of 60-115 decibels making it the loudest white noise machine available. Powered by an AC adapter (included). Mask background noises like barking dogs and snoring to help you fall asleep fast, sleep better and wake-up refreshed. Helps with tinnitus. The sounds mask conversations making it perfect for office privacy. Block out environmental noises for improved concentration. Measures 4.25 in. wide x 4.25 in. deep x 4.50 in. high.

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