50 Pairs Wooden Chopsticks | Chopstick | Sturdy Smooth Finish Chop Sticks | Individually Wrapped Wooden Chopsticks Disposable

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Smooth and Clean – Genuine chopsticks made out of 100% natural bamboo wood. Made with expert craftsmanship. Ergonomic Design – We have specifically designed our chopsticks to have a fine balance of comfort and handling. The ergonomic design ensures that your chopsticks won’t slip from your hands while giving you the right comfort when dining. Barbecue - Don't have enough bamboo skewers at your barbecue? Soak chopsticks in water for 15 minutes, then use them to spear meat and veggies, and place on the grill. Versatile Use - Whether you’re making a delicious bowl of ramen, sushi, or just about any type of cuisine, our chopsticks are a great choice for any type of dish in the kitchen. Environmentally friendly - Our bamboo chopsticks are made from non-toxic and natural bamboo. This makes it a relatively safe and environmentally-friendly choice for individuals that want to use reusable kitchen utensils.


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